Gear List

The below is a comprehensive list of all of the gear we overland and camp with along with all of the mods we’ve done to Walker, our 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road. While we were buying our gear, we focused on a few principles: 1) complexity is avoided so we don’t get stranded without the ability to fix something, 2) we’re wary of adding weight when not necessary, 3) for any electrical changes we’re extra meticulous, 4) we use the right tires for our application, and 5) we try and minimize roof weight to keep our center of gravity lower. Please contact us if this is helpful or if you have any questions or suggestions!


If you have any plans to go offroad, these mods are really just buying peace of mind. A rock through the oil pan is much more expensive than the armor. At the same time, armor doesn’t replace knowing your vehicles limits.

  • Front bumper: Relentless custom Baja bumper & aluminum skid
  • [ View] Rear bumper: Relentless rear bumper w/ heavy duty trailer hitch – 1x$1,000
  • [ View] Rock sliders: Relentless w/ kickout – 1x$900
  • [ View] Tail gate: Relentless reinforcement panel in black aluminum – 1x$200
  • Transfer case: Relentless skid


Your overland vehicle will be heavier than stock, so fitting heavy duty springs and shocks is a sensible modification. Upper control arms can also be a good modification if you’re planning to go a bit more offroad. I’d personally stay away from significant lift or mods that would make repairs in the field harder.

  • [ View] Front shocks: Fox 2.5 with reservoirs – 1x$1,600
  • [ View] Rear shocks: Fox 2.5 with reservoirs – 1x$950
  • [ View] Control arms: All Pro UCAs – 1x$700
  • [ View] Leafs: All Pro expedition style rear leaf pack – 1x$600
  • [ View] Bumpstops: Timbren aftermarket bumpstops – 1x$230
  • [ View] Timbren rear u-bolt flip kit – 1x$90
  • Note: You can get the two Timbren parts listed above as a kit for $280 here, saving $40.

Tires & Wheels

All terrain tires will give you a good compromise between mud, sand, snow, and asphalt. Increase the tire’s radius for better traction, clearance, etc.

  • [ View] Tires: BF Goodrich 275/70R16 KO2s – 4x$250
  • [ View] Wheels: 16 inch black Stealth Custom Series Stealth 6s – 4x$180
  • [ View] Air: VIAIR 400p-auto portable air compressor – 1x$220
  • [ View] Gauge: Jaco Elite tire pressure gauge (60 PSI) – 1x$18
  • [ View] Repair: Tire plug kit – 1x$14
  • [ View] Snow chains: SCC ZT747 – 1×80

Tools & Basics

Basic field maintenance and repairs necessitates some tools and some parts on hand.

  • [ View] Mechanics tool set: Crescent 170-pc – 1x$78
  • [ View] Fuses: Winlyn low profile 140-pc – 1x$9
  • [ View] Grease: WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease Spray – 2x$6

Recovery & Safety

Many items below aren’t needed until you need them. Most people will never use a fire extinguisher, but when the engine is on flames you’ll wish you had it. Other items below you may use more often. These are all good items for both safety and recovery.

  • [ View] Traction: MAXSA recovery boards, set of 2 – 1x$150
  • [ View] Jack: Hi-Lift X-TREME – 1x$110
  • [ View] Winch kit: Kit with chains, d-rings, gloves, etc – 1x$70
  • [ View] Recovery tow strap: 30ft Rhino – 1x$45
  • [ View] Shovel: Fiskar D-handle – 1x$30
  • [ View] Fire extinguisher: Kiddle 10-B:C – 1x$20
  • [ View] Fire extinguisher mount: Front seat mount – 1x$40
  • [ View] Roadside emergency: Thrive kit – 1x$40
  • [ View] Axe: Fiskars 28″ chopping axe – 1x$44
  • [ View] Blade sharpener: Fiskars axe and knife sharpener – 1x$10
  • [ View] Tool clamps: Quick Fist mounting clamp set – 1x$20
  • First-aid: Self-built with various supplies. Bandaids, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, medical tape, burn gel, aspirin, sunscreen, etc.

Electrical & Lighting

Electric issues while traveling are no bueno. When you get around to it, set up a second aux battery with an intelligent relay. Marine grade components are ideal for any potential extreme conditions you may encounter on your overland adventures.

  • [ View] Spod: 6 panel switch – 1x$350
  • [ View] Fogs: Rigid dually lights attached to sPod – 1x$150
  • [ View] Headlamp: Black Diamond Spot Headlamp – 2x$30
Truck Bed & ShelterThe basics you need for shelter from the elements and gear storage.
  • [ View] Camper shell: SnugTop Cab-Hi
  • [ View] Support: Rago Bed channel stiffeners – 1x$125
  • [ View] Rack: Yakima rack w/ crossbars- 1x$400
  • [ View] Shelter: REI Alcove Shelter – 1x$120 (discontinued, so linking to similar replacement)
  • Storage: Self-built drawers
Sleeping & CampingFrom summer camping to winter camping in the snow, having good tents and sleeping bags is crucial.
  • [ View] Rooftop tent: Tepui Kukenam Sky 3 – 1x$1,425
  • [ View] Normal tent: REI Half Dome Plus 2 – 1x$229
  • [ View] Tent footprint: REI Half Dome Plus 2 – 1x$35
  • [ View] Sleeping bag: REI Igneo 17 Mens – 1x$319
  • [ ViewSleeping bag: REI Joule 21 Womens – 1x$319
  • [ View] Sleeping pads: Therm-A-Rest ProLite Plus – 2x$120
  • [ View] Inflatable pillows: Sea to Summit Aero – 2x$40
CookingOne advantage of an overland vehicle is you can carry a larger propane tank, which means you can get upgrade from a hiking stove. The kitchen items can still waste a lot of space, though, so we chose where we wanted to waste space deliberately.
  • [ View] Stove: Coleman Classic Propane Stove – 1x$43
  • [ View] Propane: Flame King YSN5LB 5lb Tank – 1x$56
  • [ View] Adapter: Coleman 5 Ft. High-Pressure Propane Hose and Adapter – 1x$21
  • [ View] Portable Stove: GSI Glacier Backpacking Stove – 1x$25
  • [ ViewPots: MSR Alpine 2 Set – 1x$50
  • [ ViewUtensils: Sea to Summit Delta Set – 2x$10
  • [ ViewPlates/bowls: Sea to Summit Delta – 2x$8
  • Assorted: Seasoning, matches, lighter, etc
Backpacking & HikingWe bring our packs with a good pair of poles and boots wherever we go so we can go explore the trails as we desire.
  • [ View] Backpack: Osprey Aura AG 65 Women’s – 1x$270
  • [ View] Backpack: Osprey Atmos AG 65 Men’s – 1x$270
  • [ View] Backpack cover: Osprey Ultralight Raincover – 2x$30
  • [ View] Hiking poles: REI Passage trekking poles – 2x$70
  • [ View] Boots: Oboz Bridger BDry Women’s – 1x$175
  • [ View] Boots: Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Men’s – 1x$230
  • [ ViewSocks: Tons of Darn Tough socks
  • [ View] Towel: REI multi towel – 1x$20
  • [ View] Water: REI 32oz Nalegene – 2x$10
ElectronicsIt’s a 21st century world, so we stay connected to the outside world and our vehicle with a variety of gizmos.
  • [ View] OBD2 Gauge: UltraGauge Automotive OBD2 Scanner, Code Reader, Gauges & Mileage Calculator – 1x$90
  • [ View] Phones: Pixel 3 XL – 2x$900
PetsRoxy has needs, too, so we’ve been getting her ready for overlanding.
  • [ View] Lighting: LED Collar tags – 1x$12

Disclosure: Overlanding Taco invests hours of testing and writing to help you plan your trips, find gear, and other things to help you live a better life outdoors. We sometimes link out to products on Amazon and other sites. We get paid a commission if you make a purchase, but that does not influence our recommendations.