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Hey all, Marilia here.

I was born and raised in this small town called Itatiba, right outside of São Paulo, Brasil. I moved to São Paulo at age 17, and never looked back. At 22, I moved to Philadelphia, where I met Frank, to get my Masters degree, and nowadays we’re in San Francisco, exploring the Golden State whenever we get a chance. Surprisingly, I do not work in tech! I am a visual merchandiser, (a goofball) who loves to cook, and have dreams of an early retirement overlanding the Americas.

Even though I always loved traveling, this passion wasn’t always tied to the wonders of the outdoors. Looking back, I think my nature awakening happened when Frank took me camping for the first time ever (I was 24!!!) somewhere in West Virginia. And that was enough to fall in love with the idea of exploring nature and going off the grid.

Since we moved to California, we have been feeding our passion for the outdoors. Anytime we have some time off we get our packs and go on a camping adventure.

We are so excited to share our experiences as we dive deeper into the overlanding world. There is so much to see out there, and overlanding is a great way to not only go places, but enjoy the roads that takes us there!


A Little More About Marilia

Languages spoken: Portuguese (native), English (proficient), Spanish (intermediate) 

Best known for: Needing to go to the hospital when visiting remote places (Gibbon bite in Railey Beach, for example!).

Favorite food: Thai, and my favorite dish is red chicken curry.

Most fun driving experience: Moving from Philadelphia to San Francisco and driving across the country with Roxy and my mom.

Countries visited: 10, and lived in 2.

Favorite quote: “Between every two pines there is a doorway to a new world.” – John Muir

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Favorite Items from Our Gear List

The top things from our gear list that I couldn’t do without are:

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  • y
  • z
  • a
  • b

If you want to see the rest of the gear list, it’s much more exhaustive. Here is our overlanding gear list in its entirety.

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