Great roadtrip companion, but probably sleeping

🐶 🐕
(I don’t really speak, so Frank and Marilia are going to do so for me.)

Roxy is a rescue from the Delaware County SPCA right outside of Philadelphia. We adopted her as a scared and timid dog that had been found on the streets of Philadelphia, was scared of loud noises and plastic bags, couldn’t go for walks on trash day because she was scared of trash cans, was sick from the food she was eating, had already birthed a litter, didn’t bark a single time (for 2 years!!), and had been in the shelter for a year before I adopted her.

Wow! What a rough start to life. 

Roxy has now been part of the family for 11 years, which puts her at ~13 years. In true Benjamin Button fashion, she seems to get more playful and wacky as she gets older. She found her voice and barks occasionally. She loves purple sweet potatoes and watermelon. She loves to go on long walks in the city, no matter the day (unless there’s a generator running, she hates those still!). She swims with other dogs or by herself with the help of a life vest, and even learned how to fetch sticks in the water.  She goes on hikes with us, but the distance has had to come down a bit since she doesn’t enjoy the long ones as much anymore.

She is an adventure dog, through and through!

🐾 Roxy

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Favorite Items from Our Gear List

The top things from our gear list that I couldn’t do without are:
  • [Buy] Tepui Kukenam Sky 3 – Roxy loves to burrow in our sleeping bags (which join together) and snuggle up close with us at night, and this tent leaves ample room for 2 plus a dog.
  • [Buy] REI Alcove Shelter – Roxy loves to shelter from the sun on hot days, so the increased in shaded space gives her a good veg out spot while we work around camp.
If you want to see the rest of the gear list, it’s much more exhaustive. Here is our overlanding gear list in its entirety.

Favorite Photo Moments