Enabling the adventure one trail at a time

Walker is a 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road with a bunch of upgrades to make him an awesome enabler of adventure, from armor to protect against trail hazards to suspension to ensure a good ride to a camper shell to protect our supplies to a great roof support system to hold our rooftop tent for sleeping!

We spend a lot of time brainstorming ideas for future Taco improvements, which are mostly organized on our Pinterest account.

Disclosure: Overlanding Taco invests hours of testing and writing to help you plan your trips, find gear, and other things to help you live a better life outdoors. We sometimes link out to products on Amazon and other sites. We get paid a commission if you make a purchase, but that does not influence our recommendations.

Favorite Items from Our Gear List

The top things from our gear list that I couldn’t do without are:
  • SnugTop Cab-Hi – Having a camper shell gives the convenience of an SUV, with the future flexibility of a truck.
  • All of the armor – Pretty much all of the metal wrapping Walker allows us to take him out on trails and in the city alike, with less worry about rocks jutting up and body damage from parallel parking accidents, respectively. We got Relentless Rock Sliders [Buy], Relentless Rear Bumper [Buy], Relentless Tailgate Reinforcement [Buy], and Rago Bed Channel Stiffeners [Buy] (which are good for rigs with a lot of weight on top of the bed).
  • All of the suspension – When taking these rigs off-road, it’s good to invest in some aftermarket suspension. And so Walker was gifted with some Fox 2.5’s with reservoirs in the front [Buy] and the rear [Buy], All Pro upper control arms [Buy], All Pro expedition style leaf packs [Buy], and then Timbren bumpstops and a rear u-bolt flip kit [Buy].
  • [Buy] 16 inch black Stealth Custom Series Stealth 6s – Because they make Walker look like he can dress up or dress down.
If you want to see the rest of the gear list, it’s much more exhaustive. Here is our overlanding gear list in its entirety.

Favorite Photo Moments