Meet the Overlanding Taco Crew

Hi there! Overlanding Taco is a blog following Marilia (Mah) and Frank as we adventure across the world with our lovable dog, Roxy. We bought our Taco (Tacoma) that we affectionately named Walker in December 2018 and jumped head first into the world of Overlanding. This blog follows us as we go on short weekend trips, moderately longer 1-2 week long trips, modify our rig based off of our trips, and prepare for “The Big One.” For us, “The Big One” will be a Pan-American tour from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina.

Please join us on our adventures and follow our blogs social accounts, linked right below! (We’ve also linked our personal accounts in each of our about sections if you want to connect :])


Visual merchandiser at a home furnishings company. Spends most of free time concocting good campfire eats in the kitchen and planning the next adventure.



Product management at a tech company. Love the outdoors. Lift weights and occasionally run. Not a gearhead in the slightest, but want to learn.



Funemployed. Loves sleeping on the couch, on the back bench of the truck, in the rooftop tent, and anywhere between. Great road trip companion.



Named after Joseph Reddeford Walker, an American mountain man and scout who established the "California Trail" to help emigration west.


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